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Modern industrial plant contruction for multiple applications

Driven by our high standards of quality and customer satisfaction, SCHARR TEC provides among other technical services individual solutions in the subject of industrial plant construction. Thereby, we offer the the whole range of plant technology starting with liquid gas systems through gas mixing systems up to conditioning systems. Pipe networks and transfer stations are also part of our services. For our customers we are the right partner in terms of the complete solution circle and take care of project planning, plant construction, implementation and maintenance of our technology. We always give our services a personal touch and always strive for the individual perfect solution depending on our customers' requirements, with regional and international success. 

"With our gas mixing plants and biogas conditioning plants, we offer our customers high control accuracy combined with a sustainable orientation."

Annalena Wiederstein - Project manager

Our service range at one glance

  • Liquid gas systems
  • Gas mixing plants
  • (Biogas) conditioning plants
  • Pipe networks
  • Natural gas stations
  • Control stations
  • Transfer stations
  • Tank systems
  • Special systems (aligned on customers' requirements)
  • Service and maintenance
Annalena Wiederstein
Project management

Technology from SCHARR TEC: tailor-made and

Our gas mixing plants are prepared for the future addition of (green) hydrogen.

Our gas mixing systems are used wherever gases need to be optimally adapted to specific processes.

Gas mixing plant container
Delivery: June 2023

Our future perspective

Future-oriented technology for environmentally friendly energy supply

As a family business in particular we feel obliged to take measures for future generations and our environment. As an energy company we see the current challenges as an opportunity to actively shape the energy transition. Therefore, we support and drive forward research and developments for changes in the industry. In terms to our measures we have the following goals in mind: 

  • To drive decarbonization
  • To reduce CO2
  • To gain more independence
  • To support the use of domestic energy resources
  • To develop the use of waste as raw material
  • To gain better price stability
  • To support the use of more environmentally friendly resources in conventional application techniques
  • To support miscibility of biogas with fossil liquid gas


Where future leads us: renewable LPG (rLPG)

Future begins today. We are already searching for solutions in terms of decarbonization and renewable energy supply. As we know that gases and liquid fuels play an important part of todays global energy mix, we see renewable LPG (rLPG) as one of the most promising developments. rLPG means essentially renewable propane and butane using renewable resources - definitely an option with significantly lower carbon footprint than traditional LPG. Together with multiple global partners we are working on investigations and developments concerning technologies to produce rLPG. 

The Cool LPG technology  

The Cool LPG technology is a future concept for renewable energy production. Cool LPG is produced by the conversion of biogas, bio-syngas or biogenic carbon dioxide and green hydrogen into rLPG. The result is a clean-burning drop in fuel which is chemically identical to traditional fossil-based LPG. The used bio-sources feedstock can be gained from landfills, woody biomass, agriculture facilities and wastewater treatment plants. Municipal solid waste potentially also can be used. The converted rLPG can then be used for cooking, heating and transportation. The Cool LPG technology is set to be one of the lowest-cost, highest-yield technologies to produce clean rLPG. The SCHARR company group and SCHARR TEC as technical daughter are part of the international Cool LPG research team. We continue to refine this future-wise technology in order to invent technology for a better future. 

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How the Cool LPG technology works

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