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Reshaping energy with Bio LPG innovation

Inspired by our unwavering dedication to excellence and client contentment, SCHARR specializes among other services in tailoring solutions within the field of Bio LPG solutions. We cover a broad spectrum of services, spanning the entire Bio LPG supply chain. From sourcing and intricate transport logistics to state-of-the-art storage and efficient distribution solutions, our proficiency extends across the entire supply chain. Much like our approach to industrial plant services, we handle each aspect of the Bio LPG supply chain with a personalized flair, consistently aiming for the ideal solution that aligns with our clients' unique requirements. Our track record of success, both locally and internationally, underscores our commitment to seamlessly managing the Bio LPG supply chain, guaranteeing its reliability and efficiency.

"Every day, we're not just delivering energy; we're delivering a promise to protect our planet. At SCHARR, our commitment to a climate-friendly future is our driving force."

Jenny Ludwig - Head of Sales - Aerosols & Special Products

Bio LPG solutions - Customized for tomorrow's sustainability

Adapting our Bio LPG supply chain for a future-proof energy landscape

In our quest for a greener, more sustainable future, SCHARR is at the forefront of innovation, providing an environmentally sustainable solution to the world's energy needs. Our Bio LPG supply chain is the cornerstone of this transformative journey. It seamlessly converts biogenic waste into renewable LPG, that can be effortlessly integrated into existing global infrastructure.

Our biogenic LPG, sourced from cutting-edge refineries, is a demonstration of the power of innovation. This green energy marvel begins its journey by waterways and roads to an intermediate storage facility in Germany. What sets Bio LPG apart is its chemical equivalence to conventional LPG, enabling the harmonious coexistence of the two gases during transport and storage.

This synergistic approach not only simplifies logistics, but also leads to a remarkable reduction in CO2 emissions. SCHARR's Bio LPG supply chain is not only a journey, but also a reflection of our commitment to fueling the future while promoting the emissions reductions essential to a successful energy transition. As we look to the future, our supply chain exemplifies a sustainable vision that is redefining the energy landscape and leading the way to a more environmentally conscious future.

More about our Bio-derived liquid gas

The green insider tip for environmentally conscious customers

Our Bio-liquefied gas is not only a great alternative to conventional LPG, but also a true miracle of sustainability. We rely on biogenic waste and vegetable oils that are 100% traceable to the source to produce this green energy supplier. Used fats and cooking oils, canola, soy, nuts and flax are just a few examples of the raw materials that go into our organic liquefied petroleum gas. This amazing variety of feedstocks enables CO2 savings of up to 90% compared to conventional liquefied petroleum gas.

The highlight: Our Bio-liquid gas is produced as a by-product of biofuel production. Biofuels are produced with the help of hydrogen (H2), and this process produces gases that we filter out and convert into bio-liquid gas. This turns a waste product into a renewable energy source that protects the environment while meeting your needs.

Our future perspective 

Envisioning the next leap: rLPG and the Cool LPG technology

As we look to the future, we are driven by an unrelenting desire to reduce carbon emissions and secure a sustainable energy supply. In doing so, we see the emergence of Cool LPG as a cornerstone of our progress.

Bio LPG, derived from renewable resources, promises renewable propane and butane with a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to conventional LPG. Cool LPG, the embodiment of cutting-edge technology, complements our existing Bio LPG portfolio and expands our horizons. This breakthrough "drop-in fuel" fits harmoniously into the existing LPG infrastructure and heralds a future where our energy needs are met without environmental compromise.

Working with a diverse global network of partners, we are actively advancing the research and development of technologies to produce Bio LPG and Cool LPG. This requires a complicated supply chain that carefully links biogenic waste sourcing, refining processes, and transportation, resulting in sustainable energy solutions. The combination of these technologies enables us to create a holistic, forward-looking energy landscape that will help us move towards our goals of decarbonization and renewable energy supply. 

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Our wide range of clients across diverse industries

SCHARR CPC prides itself on its remarkable versatility, serving a wide range of industries. Our unique strength lies in our ability to adapt and provide customized solutions to customers from such diverse sectors, making us a preferred choice for a diverse customer base. Among others, we are represented in the following industries:

  • cosmetics
  • trade
  • technical industries
  • industries for insulating materials
  • petrochemistry

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